Have you ever?


Have you ever woken up, and realized your like in nothing like you thought it would be?

Well, today was one of those days...

(Warning. Venting on coming.)

How can a dream turn into a nightmare? How can hope just die?

What am I talking about?


I put all my hopes and dreams into a certain outcome. 100% believing it was what I wanted.

Everyday that I got closer to my goal. Everyday also making a new compromise. 

By the time my day came my dream could not be recongnized.

How can something that looked so good, so perfect... turn into such a nightmare.

I just want to run away from it all!

But what about those I would be leaving behind?

My family needs me, they need out of this toxic situation, and it kills me that I can't get them out.

I search my mind for an answer... nothing comes.

Just ear shattering silence.

This is suffocating me like a wet blanket.

My soul is sick, slipping into comatose, to weak to cry, but it can't end like this!

I'm a fighter, they can't keep me down forever!

Still, that is easier said then done.

Someday soon the sun will rise, I will lift my head to the breeze, and the pain will be gone.

I'll shed my past for a brillant future.


Hey reader,

These are excerpts from real days in the life of Ashley Keough. I post these as not only a release, but as encouragement to you that your not alone. We are human. No one is a Superhero. We're just people who need to be real, and help others through their tough roads.

So whoever you are, and whenever you are reading this just know, you are not alone.

Don't ever give up... That's just what they want...    


Sitting here I can still vividly remember...

All the times I sat out, I stayed home, I did nothing.

I watched the kids having fun... free as a bird.

I watched my peirs living their dreams... conquering the world.

Yet, here I am. Still in the same boat, just waiting...

I can here my mind going over the usual excuses:

  1. I'll go do that when I don't have Acne anymore
  2. I'll start that when I know exactly what to do
  3. I'll be ready to do that tomorrow or... the next day
  4. I'll have happiness when this and that happens...

Well... I may never have the perfect body,

I may never know exactly what to do,

I may never be ready or happy,


I'm going to go to that movie with my friends,  

I'm starting that business,

Ready or not I'm facing my fears,

And I choose to be happy.


Fear of failing

It will keep you hiding, procrastinating, avoiding...

Don't let the fear a failing hold you back from who you are suppost to be!

You ARE enough!

You don't need that operation to be pretty enough. You are enough.

You don't need _____ to be enough. To be ready. To be happy. To _____ . 

You are enough.



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